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Critical Thinking and Ethics

Critical Thinking and Ethics

Work based on the provided ethical scenario � Blood Money Transcript

please work based on the provided transcript
Analyze your chosen scenario from a critical thinking perspective.

What is the moral responsibility of all participants?

Write a brief reflection of your analysis by describing the relationship between critical thinking and ethics.

Format per APA.

Note. Remember that this should be based on critical thinking, not on your personal opinion.


Relationship between Critical Thinking and Ethics

The scenario is a clear indication of the relationship between critical thinking and ethics.
The connection is that there are no stated rules that guide the application of ethics in various
situations, which is very important since what is ethical in one situation may turn out to be
unethical in another situation (Chan, 2013). In the scenario, the participants in the selling of
human organs have varying moral responsibilities. For the Chinese individuals selling the parts
they obtain from executed prisoners, the act may not be considered unethical since it is
acceptable in their country. It is something that has been going on for a very long time. However,
for the buyers of the kidneys who are situated in America, the act is unethical since even though
they do not contribute in obtaining the organs, they promote the act by providing financing
whenever they pay for these organs. They promote these unethical acts in the country, thereby
increasing the presence of such Chinese salespeople who are taking advantage of the presence of
a high demand for body organs.
Despite the ethical considerations of these participants, they all need to take care of their
moral responsibilities (Chan, 2013). The American people have a moral responsibility of
ensuring that such acts are not promoted in the country. To be able to do so, they need to report
such individuals from China who are coming into the country to promote their unethical business
projects. The American citizens should never purchase organs from these people; they should not

present a ready market for them. This is an act that is supposed to show them that even though
their business is promoted in China, it is not equally acceptable in the United States of America.


Chan, Z. (2013). Exploring creativity and critical thinking in traditional and innovative problem-
based learning groups. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 22(15/16), 2298-2307.

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