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Crises common in presidency of the United States of America

Basically, you will need to read 10 pages and answer these questions below in an essay form please.

1- Statement of the issue – one or two sentences.

2- Review of the authors arguments – one or two paragraphs stating at least three major points made by

each author.

3- Comparison of arguments – at least one paragraph contrasting what each author had to say.

4 – Your opinion – at least one paragraph explaining either
a) why you agree with one of another, or
b)why you disagree with all the authors.

5- Discussion Question – an open ended question that you derive from the readings.

This is the textbook name just in case you need to know or if you want to quote anything. “The Enduring

Debate (Norton, 2014)


Chapter Summary
Statement of the Issue

The paper specifically addresses second term crises common in presidency of the United
States of America (Canon et al., 2014). The paper argues that most presidents find it more
difficult to be re-elected and when they do so, they rarely stick to the election pledges made
during their re-election although there is minority exception that does fulfill the promises made
to people.

Review of Authors Argument

Adam Clyne argues that most presidents in the United States find it difficult to win their
re-election bid for the second term although they finally succeed in recapturing their seat. Adam
provides examples of different presidents of the United States and how they struggled in their
second term. The problems associated with the second term come from their failure to
misunderstand many issues in the society by utilizing misinformed decisions (Canon et al.,
2014). Adam argues that this was the major reason as to why Bill Clinton was impeached in
1998 while other presidents such as Roosevelt and Bush found it difficult to control congress
which at this point was joining hands together to stop the executive from making any decision.
The paper provides advice to the currently re-elected president of the United States
urging a development between the presidency and the congress if they weren’t to avert
scenarios that had been witnessed by different presidents in the past regimes.

Tim Cavanaugh provides a different argument to the above case scenario. Tim argues that
the president has not relied on any advice that has been provided by Congress and that the
president has opted to use executive orders to pass some critical bills in the house (Canon et al.,
2014). The paper argues that though president Obama has had some several achievements due to
some stands, the government has still remained to be a bureaucratic place where majority of the
suggestions to rule the country are coming majorly from the kitchen cabinet that seats in the oval
office. This has severely hindered the delivery of re-election pledges that were a critical factor in
the reelection of the president to the current seat (Canon et al., 2014). Most of the achievements
are being eaten away due to the failure to incorporate congress in the decision making process.

Comparison of Arguments

Both arguments vary widely. One has commonly shown the failures of all re-elected
presidents in the United States. It has provided the main reasons as to why the second term was
poorly managed by the president in charge. It has also provided sufficient reasons as to why most
presidents acted in certain ways during the second term (Canon et al., 2014). This is Adam
Clyne’s argument. Tim Cavanaugh has not mentioned the failures of past presidents as the major
argument. Rather the focus has been placed on why the current presidency has failed to deliver
the pledges made to Americans. It bases the argument on the increased and continuous disregard
of the voice of congress.


Adam Clyne argument has substance since it has based on past mistakes made by most
presidents of the United States. It has also outlined the consequences for such forms of action
and how they bring forth the second term curse in a much better way than Tim Cavanaugh

(Canon et al., 2014). It also provides a solution something that is completely out of the other

Research Question

Why do United States presidents act differently during their second term in office?



Canon, D., Coleman, J., & Mayer, K. (2014). The Enduring Debate: Classic and Contemporary
Readings in American Politics (Sixth Edition) 6th (6th ed.). New York: w.w.w. Norton

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