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Cost and Time Management

Use your PM.Org login to find all of the case studies for this course at PM Case Studies. (Links to
an external site.)
Read Case 11: Dealing With Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Complex Projects , Dealing with
Uncertainty and Ambiguity in a Complex Project: The Case of Intravenous (IV) Pumps in a
Healthcare Center (Aubry & Et al., 2018)
Evaluate and respond to the questions at the end

Cost and Time Management
The smart pumps would increase the quality and safety of patients. One of the aims of the project was
to harmonize care while ensuring the patient safety and quality of care are guaranteed. The smart
pumps are operated through software that can detect the concentration, dosage, limits and adverse
effects of the drugs (Aubry, Boulay-Bolduc, Richer, & Lavoie-Tremblay, 2018). The technology
employed in the intravenous infusion pumps is in line with the overall objectives of the project. The
ability of the pumps to be programmed increases the accuracy of the dosages of the drugs administered
and information about concentration prevents administration of drugs at concentrations that could
potentially cause adverse effects.
In conclusion, the smart pumps will be most suitable for the project. The pumps conform to the project’s
genera object of renewing get intravenous infusion pumps. Smart pumps safeguard safety and maintain
the quality of clinical services.
Aubry, M., Boulay-Bolduc, M., Richer, M. C., & Lavoie-Tremblay, M. (2018). Dealing with
Uncertainty and Ambiguity in a Complex Project: The Case of Intravenous (IV) Pumps in a
Healthcare Center. Project Management Journal, 49(1), 110-121.

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