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Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal and External Environments.

my group is Crown Resort Ltd, group work is prepare 3 presentation about Crown Resort Ltd background,

Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal and External Environments.

Essay requires you to write about your/the group work stages based on the reading i.e. forming (what
your group did in the forming stages; storming etc) and how this links to the tuckman reading. You must
begin with an introduction i.e. the group work approach by tuckman can be found in our own Crown
Resort Ltd group. Each stage should be a heading under which you should write about it.

Then the conclusion is basically what you think about tuckmans model – did it work for your group or not.
You must read the articles provided in the question outline to know how to effectively complete the

assignment correctly.


Tuckman’s Framework

Working in groups has never being an easy experience because of the different views
from group members. Therefore, when creating a group it is very important to ensure that the
group has fewer members because huge groups tend to have many misunderstandings. Effective
groups make work easier, each member’s opinion is considered, work is done on time and a lot
of information and ideas is available for the task. Groups help people to gain good
communication skills, improve on their leadership and teamwork skills. Cooperation and
communication between teams is very important because group members are able to arrange and
discuss on how to handle the task assigned to them. Working in a team also requires proper time
management, communication and working together. Issues of ignoring some member’s opinion
cause conflicts between them which is not healthy for the work to be done (Wlodarczyk, 2011,
pg 50).
In our group, it was not that easy for us to form the group. We had to choose members
who are active though it was not that easy because the activity was an outside one. We required
members who will work together more effectively and efficiently. We wanted to form a team
with common goals, and who will make it possible for us to finish the task on time. It was not
easy for us to know which person to choose as our leader because we were not that familiar with
one another. Identification of each individual’s role was not also that easy because we were not
aware of each group member’s ability. Though this stage was quite challenging we managed to
form the group (Corey, Corey, & Haynes, 2014 pg 13).

In our storming stage, we experienced a lot of disagreements between ourselves and
sometimes we couldn’t agree on anything at all. This was greatly affecting our work progress. In
this stage, everyone wanted to prove that they were fit for some roles and there was too much
competition on who was to become the group leader and who was to do a certain role. At this
stage, we almost felt like doing away with the group because some members did feel comfortable
with the tasks we had assigned to them. At the end, we came up with problem solving solutions
and we used them to solve the disagreements between members (Wlodarczyk, 2011, pg 63).
Finally, our group was now established everyone was aware what roles he/she was to
play in accomplishing the task and ready to work together. We established process of decision-
making and we experienced fewer conflicts in this stage. At the end of our norming stage we
were closer with one another and we almost had a brand for our group. In our performing stage,
our group had common goals of achieving the task and everything was being done as we had
planned. Work was easier and conflicts were no more. At this stage any challenges which
occurred were being handled by the whole group. There was more teamwork compared to the
other stages (Owen, Brooks, & Grunwald, 2013, para 5). Our adjourning stage was not that easy
because we had become friends with one another and we had become of great influence to each
other’s life actually the group at this stage felt more of a family. A lot can be done in teams
compared to when done individually. Also, have learned that conflicts will always be present in
groups what is important is how they are handled. It is very important to be part of an active
group this is because active groups act as a motivation to group members. This is because active
groups accomplish their tasks on time and they have proper time management and are goal


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