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Conversation between Fannie Farmer and Carthay Williams

A Script of a Conversation between Fannie Farmer and Carthay Williams

Assignment 2: Project Paper
Due Week 8
The Project Paper focuses on a suggested topic related to art, architecture, history, music, or literature.
The project will reflect your views and interpretation of the topic. This project is designed to help you
stretch your mind and your abilities to be the creative, innovative, and critical thinker you already are!
Choose one (1) of the topics from the list of topic choices below. Read the topic carefully. Write a three to
four (3-4) page paper (750-1,000 words) that responds to each of the items described in the topic.

An Essay on the role of Women

A script of a possible Conversation between Carthay Williams and Fannie Farmer
Fannie Farmer: Wow! What do we have here, a woman in uniform? Someone pinch me so that I
awake from this dream. I mean how is this even possible? Hello, I am Fannie Farmer, who may
you be?
Carthay Williams: Excuse me missus, what do you mean you don’t believe your eyes? Is it
because I am a black woman or because I am a black woman in uniform or because I am a
woman in uniform? It’s always one of the three with surprised strangers.
Fannie: Sorry, that was not my intention, I did not mean it in any negative way, I was trying to
Williams: (interrupting Fannie) Then what is it that you meant? What is it about me that
surprised you so much? Are you one of the members of the anti-abolitionist squads that want to
see all black folk go back to cotton fields?!
Fannie: (Trying to speak with a firm voice) I meant to say I have never seen a woman in military
uniform, whether in service or for any other purpose, that is what I meant, that is what surprised
me, is it now an offence to register one’s sense of surprise?
Williams: (with wide grin on her face) I guess it’s only fair that I also apologize, my brash
response is a defense mechanism I have developed over the years to fend off anybody who wants
to tell me about the A-Z of Negroe woman stereotypes. I am Carthay Williams, (extending her
hand) what is your name Ma’am?

Fannie: I am Mrs. Farmer, Fannie Farmer. Great to finally meet you, my older brother always
talked about a black woman who fought in the war but we assumed it was another of his
exaggerations. Up to this moment I did not believe he was telling the truth.
Williams: Is that so? I am also honored to finally meet you, I have heard a lot about you and the
books you have written. It has always been assumed that women naturally belong in the Kitchen
and know exactly what to do, your books enable them to exceed their normal capabilities in as
far as making hearty meals is concerned. I find yours to be an amazing story given the fact that
you had to stop school for almost a whole year due to health challenges!
Fannie: Compared to your achievements mine don’t even count, women are normally soft and
vulnerable, meant to take care of the home. You took up arms and went to the military. Now
that’s amazing. Yes, I had to stop my schooling for some years as I had a debilitating condition
when much younger. I managed to proceed with my education due to my parent’s appreciation of
its necessity. Though at times I wonder if it was sane to go back to school at 31 years of age.
Williams: In that case it is safe to say that you are my role model and I am yours. I wonder how
we would fare as women in the 21 st Century. I think we would still stand out; feminism has
played a role in uplifting the position of women in society. However there are still many glass
ceilings set for women.
Fannie: I know, right?, You would be some form of demi-goddess in this society as women still
lag behind men in many areas. While the concept of house-wife does not hold the connotation it
held in the 19 th Century, women are still lagging behind in the different areas of life such as work
and the political process. Do you think they would manage to go through a whole day as a
woman in the 1800s?

Williams: Personally I believe they could survive even a whole year. Despite society defining us
by our weaknesses, we are actually very strong and thick skinned we take the different
challenges we encounter head on. Take yourself as an example, you were threatened by a disease
that would have otherwise rendered you dependent on family but you came out strong. I on my
part took up arms and fought alongside men, overcoming the stereotype of women being weak
and timid. We both overcame barriers that society had placed for women and we emerged
victorious. Had we not, this would have been a dull and rather short conversation.
Fannie: You are very right about that. It was nice meeting you and also a pleasure talking with
you Mrs. Williams, if you have time you should surely pay me a visit. I will be in town for the
next two weeks giving lectures in the College to your left.
Williams: Pleasure was all mine Mrs. Fannie.

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