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Contrasting theorists


Choose one of the three theorists� Piaget, Vygotsky, or Erikson�and address the following:
� Choose the most compelling and personally or professionally relevant concept the theorist has to
� Share examples of how you have implemented or plan to implement strategies derived from this
theorist in your personal or professional life.

The contemporary developmental foundation for teaching and learning has significantly
been boosted by the various learning theorists. The learning theory by Lev Vygotsky focuses
majorly on social development. It forms the necessary foundation that focuses on constructivism.
It suggests that existence of three major themes that involve social interactions, the more
knowledgeable other and finally the zone of proximal developments as key concepts. Social
interaction concept plays a valuable duty in the entire process of cognitive development of a
child. Therefore, understanding child’s development becomes critical (Metraux, 2015).
He suggested that social learning comes before education and therefore the child’s
development is observed firstly through a social level and on the individual basis. The concept of
the more knowledgeable other refers to a state of exhibiting more knowledge, abilities or better
understanding than the learner regarding any concept being taught (Metraux, 2015). The idea
suggests that an individual that exhibit the above qualities might be a teacher, instructor, coach
or even young peer. The final concept of Vygotsky’s theory is the zone of proximal development
which refers to the gap between the ability of a learner to do a particular duty under the control
and guidance by the adult leading to the occurrence of learning. He suggested the significance of
having internalization of techniques like speech and writing are developed through people’s
connections and the social-cultural aspect.
In my profession, I have applied Vygotsky’s theory in the transmission of knowledge to
the students through the aid of instructions model primarily because I exhibit more knowledge
than the student. I have promoted learning among students when I involved them in learning
through discussions which are a concept of Vygotsky’s theory which suggests the collaboration
between the instructor and the students to enable meaningful learning and development
(Metraux, 2015).

To sum up, Vygotsky’s theory provides a foundation for learning since it promotes
learning among students through their active participation leading to meaning construction
among students.



Métraux, A. (2015). Lev Vygotsky as seen by someone who acted as a go-between between
eastern and western Europe. History Of The Human Sciences, 28(2), 154-172.

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