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Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content is king!
Here is the concept:
Content Marketing
� A strategy involving creating and publishing
content on Web sites and in social media to
attract customers and prospects.
� Companies are organising themselves as media
publishers online.
� All owned media can be considered content

Content marketing is a marketing approach strategy mainly focused in generating and
distributing a quality and consistent content that will attract a huge consumer base and generate
and maintain a high profit. This marketing strategy usually utilizes websites and social media
platforms. The main purpose of this strategy is usually intended to changing or enhancing the
behavior of the consumer so as it is compatible with the changing environment for example
maintaining a high number of consumers despite the increase in competition. This strategy of
content marketing has usually being hailed as being king in its field. (LIEB, 2012) Though there
are numerous reasons why the strategy is referred to as being king, the following essay provides
only two points supported with evidence.
Firstly, content marketing has greatly enabled branding of companies and the increasing of a
company’s authority in a particular industry. This has been achieved through the massive selling
of knowledge and expertise. This is not achieved through selling the products directly to the
customer but rather through trying to convince the consumer through giving him/her the benefits
of the product. For an effective content marketing strategy, the convincing power used must be
very strong. This although comes with its challenge in that for it to be effective it should, the
content must be shared a maximum amount of relevant times. The best way of ensuring that the
content is shared at a maximum time is through the creating of traffic in the site. When a content

creates traffic In a site users maybe guided to other relevant areas of the website meaning that
the chances of users adequately exploring the content of the website is very high. The website
should also be continuously and subsequently be updated with relevant content that is of high
quality. An example of a company that has been able to utilize content marketing in such a
manner is the Microsoft Company. (LEROUX MILLER, 2013) Microsoft which is a software
company has become on of the most popular software brands in the world and over time it has
become a leading authority in the software field and this is evidenced by the enormous amount of
profit that it has been able to generate..
Secondly, content marketing has also helped in boosting the number of the customers and sales
leads and this is achieved with a very minimum amount of budget. Nowadays due to the many
unavoidable circumstances, most people usually prefer doing their business activities online and
it has been shown that companies and organizations that have had an effective an efficient
content marketing strategy have had a high number of customers and prospects. An example is
the DollarShaveClub Company, a relatively small company, that was founded back in 2011 by a
comedian by the name Michael Dubin and a businessman Mark Levine. The company sells
quality razors for at a lesser price than the cost of brand razors but it receives a high number of
customers. The company used a video on which it spent $4,500. This video had about 9.5
million views which later resulted in them having a massive fan base on social media platforms
that is about 23,000 followers on twitter and 76,000 facebook fans. Within two days, the
company had had 12.000 new customers. (JEFFERSON & TANTON, 2012)
In conclusion content marketing can be an effective strategy in both big marketing organizations
and small businesses.



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