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consumer insights & Campaign Objectives

Pitch project(consumer insights & Campaign Objectives)

Its important that the writer use in text citations for this paper to support the comments
The writer will have to read each of this post and react to it by commenting, analyzing and supporting with
relevant articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving constructive comments or criticism on
the post. The writer should write a one paragraph of at least 150 words. APA and in text citation must be
use as each respond to the 4 article must have in text citations. The writer will have to use an article to
supports his comments and criticism on each of the article. Address the content of each post below in a
one paragraph each, analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of relevant resources.
The writer cannot just say �I agree or disagree� the writer must constructively support and use relevant

sources to support his point why expanding on the article.
Details for the paper will be send via email title comments 7


Campaign objectives and consumer insight of Lorna Jane yoga pants
Campaign objectives
There are several objectives for the advertisement campaigns for the Lorna Jane wear
yoga pants line. These targets include developing awareness about the Eunoia line of yoga pants
among the people of Sydney as an independent line of clothing. The campaign is also aimed at
reaching 30 percent of the target population, which is Sydney within three months of
advertisement. The attainment of the objective should be timely and precise.
The campaigns should also increase improve the attitudes f the people of Sydney about
the brand, from zero percent to 20 percent. This objective should be attained by use of the natural
background and the desirable models to be featured in the campaign ads. The slogan should also
be made clear in all advertisements it would be significant in popularising the brand and
improving the attitude of viewers of the campaign ads.
The advertisements should also show the fashion sense of the yoga pants to the potential
clients as a way of increasing the attitudes of people. The slogan of the line, which is fashionably
well minded, peace & beauty, eco-sexy, the beauty of the mind, natural fashion, naturally wild
should be able to help achieve this aim. Campaign ads should be able to connect all the aspects
captured in the slogan statement. This would blend the fashion sense of the yoga pants, natural
beauty of the customers, and the outgoing nature of the young adults of between 18 and 25 years
of age.
The campaigns should also enlighten the customers about the various colours and types
of yoga pants under the new brand name. All the different colours of the yoga pants that signify
the various parts of the slogan would be featured in the ads, while worn by a beautiful model.
The ads should create a sense of choice among the viewers (Park, H, Jeon, J, & Sullivan, P
The campaigns should highlight the strengths of the new line of yoga pants. Views of the
campaigns should be able to identify the uniqueness of the material that the new yoga pants will
be made of. Viewers of the ads should be able to tell the advantages of the Eunoia brand over the
other brands.
Consumer insight
The target clientele are women who are interested in maintaining their body fitness body
fitness. This means that the clients would majorly be female youths between the age of 18 and 25
years old who are either fit and would like to remain that way or are unfit and would like to
become fit and sexy. The brand would majorly be sold in Sydney where there is a hug population
of youths. The youths in Sydney are also influenced by the pop culture which influences ladies to
have a youthful look.
It is a positive thing that fitness is what drives motivation to perform yoga and therefore
buy yoga pants. This is because with the popularity of pop culture in Sydney, more and more
women are conscious of their looks and therefore generate a long term market for products to do
with yoga. The brands have a variety of categories in terms of colors and sizes to ensure that all
the potential clients can get a pair of yoga pants (Carroll, A 2009).


85 percent of participants of yoga in Sydney are women. It is more likely that
investments in yoga outfit for women would be less risky than the investment in outfits for men.
In the total number of people who participate in yoga in Australia, 56.6 percent attended practice
one or two times every week. 24.1 percent attended practice more than three times per week
while the rest were not consistent. From these statistics, it is clear that the consumers need a
more durable material for the yoga pants. A line of yoga pants that would be of high quality may
be need by consumers. Yoga sessions also take a considerable amount of time each day of
In a typical day in Sydney, about 46 percent have to work for longer hours and therefore
prefer to engage in yoga in their free time because of the lack of enough time to engage in other
physical activity and the calming nature of yoga.
The target market for the Lorna Jane line of yoga wear is mostly the youths. This class of people
is fashionable and needs a sense of freedom. Therefore, Eunoia line of yoga pants is expected be
favorable and marketable to the target group due to the lines ability to capture al the aspects of
youth fashion (Park, H, Jeon, J, & Sullivan, P 2015).
The consumers should buy the yoga pants from authorized dealers of the Lorna Jane
brand and other countrywide stores and malls. The yoga pants will also be available in online
stores for the busy people of Sydney to purchase from their offices and homes.
The media to be used to communicate with the potential clients would majorly be social media
such as facebook. This is because of the popularity of the social network. Other media for
advertisement would include television and magazines. Most of the people who attend yoga also
have smartphones and other internet enabled gadgets such as PCs and tablets. It is therefore
easier and cheaper for the line to be advertised through social media (LaPointe, P 2012).
The campaign ads should reach at least 30 percent of the population of Sydney city to
achieve the objectives of the advertisement. This may be achieved by advertisements being done
at least two times between seven and nine o’clock in the night. Facebook ads should be updated
as frequent a hourly due to the high number of times youths log in to facebook (Smith, S 2013).
The key challenges of communicating with the target audience may be the high expense of TV
ads in terms of costs per ad. Therefore, to reduce on the cost of TV ads, the ads would be short
and precise.



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