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Constructive Criticism

The writer will read the article and offer constructive feedbacks using pear review articles to support the
facts. The writer will use APA 6th edition why completing this paper. It is important for the writer to not just
indicate I agree, but to offer constructive criticism why giving alternative suggestions where necessary.

Analysis and Synthesis of Prior Research
Constructive Criticism

The author of this material clearly denotes in his/her introduction the need for
organizations to realize the need for achieving a competitive edge that the inclusion of an
efficient continual process in encouraging and improving the performance and innovativeness of
an employees within an organization (Chronéer, & Backlund, 2015). However, it is significant

to ensure that the introductory part of this article needs to have no references as well as the
conclusion. On the other hand, the author has not provided a conclusion to sum up the entire
article and provide a recommendation on the way forward for organization in enhancing its
The author of the material gives a clear and precise need for cultural diversity within an
organization. It is however essential to gives a depiction of how diversity can be managed and
initiated within an organization, and the manner in which an organization can invest in this
element in achieving its competitive advantage (Odoardi, Montani, Boudrias, & Battistelli,
On the other hand, it is also appropriate that the roles of the leaders and the management
are detailed in initiating diversity within the organization (Menke, 2013). The manner in which
this element if also viewed within the organization plays a significant role in ensuring the
process of inclusion within different employees in an organization.
In recommending affirmative action’s that need to be employed in this article, it is
imperative for the author of this material to ensure that appropriate definitions are provided
where relevant to enable the readers of the article have an ease in understanding the intent and
the provisions of the article. On the other hand, the inclusion of examples in the article would
add meat in the paper, a factor that need to be considered.



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