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Constructive criticism

For the two post, the writer will read them and them give a constructive criticism and feedback on each of
the post. For each of the article the writer will use a pear review article to support his comments. The
comments should be very constructive and directly link to the articles, underlining or highlighting the
points made in the articles.

Article Review
The article clearly stipulates the meaning of qualitative research. The writer has gone
deep in explaining the actual value that qualitative researches will have on the study to be

carried out. It is clear that qualitative researches provide viable, varying and reliable
information (Corbin et al., 2103). As opposed to information that only asks rigid questions.
This study, as explained in the article, gives access to information obtained using open-ended
questions. The good thing about these type of questions is that they provide a window for the
researcher to ask why or how (Ritchie et al., 2013). According to the research, the two
qualitative studies were significant to the research efforts of the researcher. The article does an
excellent work of explaining the benefits of using qualitative research as opposed to another
type of research in conducting a study. In conclusion, qualitative research gives the opportunity
to ask questions that have a lot of flexibility in the answer gotten.

Article Review 2

The writer seems to hit straight to the point about how qualitative research should be carried
out. The points mentioned in the article on the conducting of a good qualitative research are
very comprehensive. For a qualitative research to be successful and also reliable, a researcher
should use some guidelines to help him or her. The guidelines include how the research will be
utilized in the study (Ritchie et al., 2013). Regarding the case study mentioned in the article,
and how higher education and development authorities seem to be working together towards a
common goal in a so-called symbiotic relationship. It is truly amazing. The relevance of this
article is priceless to its cause. It is evident in the article how higher institutions in Africa are of
significant aid to the development in African countries. In a concluding note, it’s inevitable not
to have more insight into the issues mentioned in the article after reading it.



Corbin, J., & Strauss, A. (2014). Basics of qualitative research: Techniques and procedures for
developing grounded theory. Sage publications.

Ritchie, J., Lewis, J., Nicholls, C. M., & Ormston, R. (Eds.). (2013). Qualitative research
practice: A guide for social science students and researchers. Sage.

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