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company’s dividend payout

What has occurred with company’s dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share over the past three years? Do you have any explanations for what has occurred?

How does your selected company’s dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share compare to other companies in its industry? Has the company’s dividend strategy been similar to other companies in its industry?

Now locate a company that has reduced or eliminated its common stock cash dividend over the past year. Why did the company reduce or eliminate its dividend? What has happened to the company’s stock price over the year?

Describe the purpose of the report and provide introduction, important and a conclusion


              The name of my organization is Mantis Network Solutions (MNS).   MNS main line of business is to strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industries most advanced information technologies, including computers systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.  In addition, they provide adequate products and superior technical assistance to customers that are in need of implementing an e-business solution to better assist their business.

                                                    Supplier Power

              MNS knows e-business strategy, implementation, and infrastructure. Using strategic alliances with the world’s top software companies; they offer better solutions, greater choice, and faster turnaround.  This affects MNS by reducing expenses because suppliers are area experts; which the company uses to outsource skills that are unfamiliar.  By suppliers knowing their role with MNS, they can use their authority to demand higher rates and better opportunities.

Competitor Products

               The Internet has virtually eliminated traditional procurement barriers, providing instant access to thousands of buyers, suppliers, and marketplaces around the world. With e-procurement solutions, consumers can enable their purchasing needs via a single Web-enabled access point. Other companies have revolutionized the supply chain by providing consumers with dynamic solutions that provide instant access to the most current data and applications that allow them to plan, schedule, analyze, and make appropriate decisions.  In addition, they will link together manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and customers without regard too functional, geographic, or enterprise boundaries that normally affect business.  Finally, the usage of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which originated in 1982 and gave MNS much of its market growth, has enabled consumers to communicate with trading partners faster, securely, and less expensively.  With such a large demand for e-business, MNS was able to expand its current products and develop a more affordable and economical substitute version that incorporated the Internet.  This has affected MNS product line sales since it derived from the high cost of such traditional tool and the demand of usage from smaller, less financially stable companies.

Project & Operation Management

               Project managers have a large impact within the “learning solution approach”.   The MNS Learning Solution can help users benefit from the latest distributed technologies. Employees can improve new associate productivity through:

  • More effective, hands-on learning.
  • Faster access to people, processes and information through pervasive or Web-enabled devices.
  • Modular e-learning and development opportunities.
  • Sharing of global best practices.
  • Better communications.

In addition retail enterprise can enhance customer service to increase revenue through:

  • Just-in-time training and knowledge acquired by access to Web-enabled devices.
  • Faster response to customers and more time spent with customers.
  • Associates who understand the company-its values, products and customers.

Another dynamic of MNS Learning Solution is demonstrating how technology can save training time and expense to the company. Employees are trained on the sales floor, with their products in front of them:

  • Each retail sales employee carries a wireless handheld pervasive device, with the device, the employee can scan item barcodes to learn more about a particular product or take a training module on it.
  • While they go through training modules, they can experiment with the product itself and learn through interaction with the product rather than just reading through a manual or tutorial.


Project Managers can influence Productivity in many ways. Managers must have job knowledge by demonstrating to their workers the knowledge requirements, methods of the operation, techniques and skills involved in doing the job and in applying these to increase productivity. They have to have the ability to select, train, to appraise personnel, set the standards of performance, and provide motivation to grow in their capacity. Leaders are responsible to set the example at any given time. As we state in the Army, “Lead from the front”.

               In closing, I have addressed my organization for this course as well as the main line of products.  In addition I discussed specific types of operations processes that take place within the company, and also highlighted the services and products we provide.  The operation managers of my organization play a vital role by directly influencing productivity of the company. 


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