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Common law

Discuss in detail the requirement of writing, including reference to decided case, statues and the

common law

There are different writing styles available for citing legal materials. The APA 6 th edition legal
citations recommend the following writing styles.
 Court cases: (Tony v. Connecticut, 1980)
 Statutes (named) : (Infant Relief Act (1874)
 Statutes (no name) (15 U.S.C. 2257)
 Some of the names of laws may not be easily available hence some publications include
the legal in text citations only but exclude the other sources of references.
 The format of the California Court Decisions is (Cal, Cal, App., Cal APP. 2d. etc)
Examples of such entries are:
 People V. Token Grocery’s, 200 Cal. App. 2d 224 (cal. App. 2d 1988)

Writing, reference to decided cases, statues and the common law 2
The California Statutes
 Format – Code, Name of the law, The State Abbreviation Code Abbreviation & section
numbers and year if available.
 For example, Californian Healthcare Act, Cal. Assemb. B. 11 (2010-2011),

Chapter 600 (cal. State. 2012)

 Decided cases : Hardwick v Johnson [1978] 1 WLR 683
 Common law citations: 2010 MR 17

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Writing, reference to decided cases, statues and the common law 3
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