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Comments and Constructive Criticism

Portfolio Management
The various texts on winning and leadership are utilized for portfolio management. The application of
Luntz�s principles to portfolio management will assist in the alignment with measuring portfolio
performance. Laufer�s text will also be utilized to connect Luntz�s principles to Laufer�s leadership


Comments and Constructive Criticism
Portfolio Management

The element of portfolio management and its requisition of leadership in initiating an
effective strategy that incorporates human resource in making the strategy function efficiently
are clearly cultivated in this article. It is essential to note the essence of give a concise definition
of portfolio management and its correlation to leadership (Laufer, 2012). However, it would have
been efficient to detail the specific qualities and principles that would be of benefit to the leaders
in the process of portfolio management as disclosed by Luntz and Laufer.
Drawing attention of the paradigm breakers, the student slightly gives a definition of this
element and its relations to portfolio management. The article however discusses paradigm
breakers and the manner in which project managers need to incorporate this element in managing
projects (Luntz, 2011). This element according to the article requires the creation of a viable
approach in a project as Henry Ford indicated in the mass production of Model T. The article
uses a clear example of the creation of a car that meets the needs of a particular segment within
the market, a factor that resulted in a trans-formative shift achieved through transformational
There is a need to clearly detail the issues that managers are bound to encounter in
challenging the paradigm breakers and status quo and the manner in which effective leadership
qualities play a significant role in the process (Luntz, 2011). This is clearly addressed by the
student that takes a different turn in inclusively detailing the key aspects of performance
management in a paradigm shift and the changes that are expected in the process. The student
therefore would make improvements in the article by clearly addressing some of the areas
pointed out in this critique.


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