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Colonial Society

Colonial Society

Discuss the changes to Colonial society in the period leading to the American Revolution. Be certain
to discuss the reasons for the changes and what the results of these changes were. In other words,
trace the �cause and effect� of the alterations in American society. What did these changes mean to
the common man? What did they mean for the collective colonies and their relationship to the
�mother country�? Be certain to provide specific information on at least two colonies.


Colonial Society

There were changes to colonial society in the period leading to the American
Revolution. These changes had a considerable effect on the American society. One of the
changes was the increased need to protest for religious freedom. Most Americans in Boston
and Massachusetts wanted the church to be separated from the government. This led to
people of these colonies to come together to fight the British. This change is important to
common person as it gives the opportunity to freedom to profess and to maintain opinion in
issues of religion of which shall not affect the civil liberties (Kammen & Wilson, 2013).
Another change in the colonial society that led to American Revolution is the increased aware
of women about their rights and freedoms. This move prompted women of the both colonies
to unite to fight a common enemy (British) to regain the political freedoms and equal rights
for themselves. This change is important to common person as it exhibit the fact that woman
are responsible to instill America’s moral values to generations, and cannot be exempted in
fighting for any freedom or right.
Before the revolution, societies in Massachusetts and Boston had started experiencing
concentrated hereditary aristocracy. Therefore, the people in these colonies saw the need to
dismantle this type of aristocracy while maintaining the social hierarchy (Kammen & Wilson,
2013). This made the people to come together to fight for a country in which there will be
equality in property ownership. This move was to counteract British laws that restricted white
males only to own a certain amount of money (Kammen & Wilson, 2013). This is crucial to
common person as equal opportunities in society bring about self-determination and
improvement. In summary, therefore, all the changes made the people of the colonies to be
patriotic to their mother country (America). There was need to deal with external problem
before tackling the problem within themselves.



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