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Chemistry Assignment

Chemistry Assignment

Chem 101: Introduction to General Chemistry Quiz #5 100 points possible Due before noon on
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014 Submit answers on moodle. Each question is worth five points. 1. When
comparing one mol of water with one mol of carbon dioxide, which of the following is true? A. they
contain the same number of atoms B. they contain the same number of molecules C. both (A) and (B)
are true D. both (A) and (B) are false 2. What is the molar mass of N(CH3)3? A. 29.05 g/mol B. 53.07
g/mol C. 59.13 g/mol D. 35.11 g/mol 3. If you have 456,000 molecules of C3H8O, how many mol C3H8O
of do you have? A. 1.32 X 1018 mol B. 757 mol C. 7.57 X 10—19 mol D. 456 mol 4. Which of the
following Lewis structures are incorrect? A. O C O B. Br C H H H C. F S F D. None, all are correct. 5. How
many moles of H atoms are there in 0.882 moles of (NH2)2CO? A. 0.882 B. 1.76 C. 2.65 D. 3.53 6.
Electronegativity increases A. moving from left to right across a period B. with increasing atomic mass C.
when electrons are paired D. moving down a group in the periodic table 7. Which atom will most likely
be the central atom in a molecule consisting of one atom each of sulfur, oxygen and fluorine? A. oxygen
B. fluorine C. sulfur 8. What word describes the molecular shape of CH2S? A. tetrahedral B. trigonal
planar C. linear D. none of these 9. In the Lewis structure for PCl3, which of the following is true? A. The
central atom has 2 covalent bonds and 2 lone pairs of electrons. B. The central atom has 3 covalent
bonds and no lone pairs of electrons. C. The central atom has 3 covalent bonds and 1 lone pair of
electrons. D. The central atom has 4 covalent bonds. Two single bonds and one double bond. 10. Diethyl
ether has the formula (C2H5)2O. What is the formula mass of diethyl ether? A. 29.02 amu B. 45.07 amu
C. 74.14 amu D. 90.14 amu 11. Which of the following atoms is LEAST electronegative? A. iodine B.
chlorine C. bromine D. fluorine 12. CH2Cl2 is a _ molecule. A. polar B. nonpolar 13. Which of
the following has the smallest molar mass? A. SrCl2 B. MgCl2 C. CaCl2 D. FeCl2 14. What word describes
the molecular shape of CH2Cl2 ? A. trigonal planar B. linear C. tetrahedral D. none of these 15. O2 is a
molecule. A. polar B. nonpolar 16. How many covalent bonds does chlorine normally form?
A. 8 B. 7 C. 1 D. 0 17. How many chloride ions are in 3.6 mol of CaCl2? A. 7.2 Cl— B. 6.022 X 1023 Cl— C.
4.3 X 1024 Cl— D. 2.2 X 1024 Cl— 18. In the Lewis structure for CF4, the number of lone pairs of
electrons around the carbon atom is A. 0. B. 1. C. 2. D. 3. 19. If nitrogen is found in a neutral compound,
how many covalent bonds does it usually form? A. 5 B. 4 C. 3 D. 8 20. Which of the following is the
correct Lewis structure for C2F4? A. C C F F F F B. C C F F F F C. C C F F F F D. C F F F F C

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