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Casper’s Conference Centre.

Based on your request for a two week work experience placement in our centre, I am
very pleased to invite you once the semester is over. After reviewing all the information
received throughout our selection process, we are able to accept you as an intern with our
conference centre.
It is always our intent throughout the selection process to select people who possess the
abilities and desire to learn and assist others in developing skills. With your Diploma in
management, I think that you will serve as a positive representative of your college.
Thank you for your interest in this conference centre and I hope to see you soon.
Manager Casper’s Conference Centre.

Dear Customer Service Manager,

On 1 st July 2014, I bought a Samsung mobile phone at your headquarters. My transaction
number is P675NTY and the receipt number is 23450.

12 The Close, Windsor 3108
Ph 9205 1605 Email: info@caspersconferencecentre.com.au
Fax: 9205 2600 www.caspersconferencecentre.com.au
I am very disappointed because the mobile phone was fault because the on/off button
does not work properly making it to turn itself off unexpectedly. This problem is giving
me much headache because the mobile phone was meant for the office. For instance,
several businesses of the office are being hindered due to ineffective communication.
To resolve this problem, I would like you to replace the phone as early as possible to
allow me carry my business effectively.
Enclosed are copies of the receipt and transaction number sheet.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Please contact me through the address above.

Yours Sincerely,
Manager Casper’s Conference Centre.

Small Business Specialists,
101 Collins Street,
Melbourne 3001.

Dear Gallagher.


This is to inform you that I will not available to deliver a presentation at the business
seminar that will be held on 15 th October 2015. I have an obligation to attend a National
Conference that will be held in Perth during the same week. I would wish to be available
but the roles that I will play at the National Conference cannot be left to anyone else.
I am aware that the rest of the team members may wonder about the issue but I will call
them to let them know about it.
Once again, I am very much aware that you will be disappointed but I request you to
allow my brother who we work with to make the presentation. I also assure you that a
similar sudden panic will never occur in future.
I apologize and assure you that I will be briefing you and my brother about the
I look forward to other future business meetings,
Kind regards
Manager Casper’s Conference Centre

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