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Career and academic aspirations

Your prior and current knowledge, plus experience of the module’s key concepts and themes, including

those you have identified as particular areas of interest

Your previous personal biases and assumptions about key module topics, plus how these might now

have changed

Your current practice related to key module topics

Potential areas for your personal development and strategies to continue this growth (this could include

your work or future studies)


1) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2)Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

3)Please don�t use Wikipedia web site.

4) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.

5) Turnitin.com copy percentage must be 10% or less.

Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached

Note: I work as director assistance on TV.



This module has impacted invaluable knowledge in me that I hope to make great use of both in
my career and academic aspirations. Throughout this module, every lesson was a learning
opportunity for me, as I grasped different concepts and themes, including effective leadership,
human resource management, customer relations, and the impact of cultural aspects on
management, among other concepts.

The concept of effective leadership remains among the most fascinating lessons that I learnt from
this module. I have gained immense knowledge on how to be a good leader; with effective
leadership skills; with servant leadership and democratic leadership being among my favorite
take homes. I learnt that through servant leadership, a leader can derive the best from his
employees. This is because it involves respect for subordinates, resilience and incorporating their
views in running of the organization; which in turn makes them more productive (Bauer, 2015).
This beats my initial conception that the leader has to take charge, in order for an organization to
be successful, just as many people would construe (Bauer, 2015). I have however learnt that in a
modern world where employees have a lot to offer, allowing them to participate in management
decisions plays a great role in promoting performance.


I have come to realize that Human Resource Management is more than just hiring and
maintaining a workforce. This confirms that I had a completely different mental picture of the
role of a Human Resource Manager. In reality, a HR manager should enhance employee
development, understand different cultures in order to manage the workforce effectively,
promote the welfare of employees including their personal welfare, build and promote personal
relationships within the organization and continuously create networks to promote knowledge on
new developments in the field (Lawler and Boudreau, 2013; Palmer, 2004). In addition, the HR
is expected to be lead the organization as a credible activist, promote positive culture and change
within the organization as a change and culture steward, manage peoples’ talents, promote
strategy management as a strategy architect and promote execution of operations within the
organization as an operational executor (Lawler and Boudreau, 2013). These concepts were
completely new to me, and I can confidently say that this module has helped me understand
more about Human Resource Management.

As a director assistant in the film industry, I realize that I utilize so many of the concepts I have
learnt in this module everyday as I carry out my work. This is a profession that mostly involves
dealing with people and achieving a level ground for communication is vital in promoting
success. My Human Resource knowledge, values and ability to work with people will are my
driving force and I often find myself solving various conflicts in the course of my work. I have
learnt that individuals like to feel appreciated; and that good relationships are essential for any
organization to thrive (Alexandra, 2010).

Having learnt that a HR professional should be a change and culture steward, I plan to
implement this knowledge at the workplace, by streamlining and transforming the culture of the

organization. This will include introducing habits, attitudes and mannerisms that promote
potential success of the organization. It will involve clearly defining what is expected of
employees and the best approach to handling organizational procedures (Alexandra, 2010). This
will be accomplished with the assumption that the workplace consists of different kinds of
people, with each having something that they can offer.

Leadership is also a concept that I plan to pursue further, both academically and career wise, and
I am committed to promoting democratic and servant leadership. This is because I realize these
forms of leadership work in enhancing relationships and consequently organizational outcomes.
Through the leadership knowledge that I have acquired, I believe I have the power to transform
my current organization and possibly work with large global corporate such as Google, Coca-
Cola, or Microsoft among others.


Alexandria. (2010). Society for Human Resource Management: managing your human resource


Lawler & Boudreau. (2013). Achieving strategic excellence: Assessment of Human resource
organizations. Stanford, CA.
Palmer. (2004). Higher performance. HR Magazine, 51(6), 135-142.
Bauer, D. (2015). Successful leadership behaviours in Slovak organizations’ environment – an
introduction to Slovak implicit leadership theories based on GLOBE study findings.  
Journal for East European Management Studies, 20(1), 9-35.

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