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Capstone project care teams

Directions:In a minimum of 2-3 pages in APA format with a minimum of 3 references properly cited.�

Lay out the obstacles that must be overcome to accomplish a change within your organization. Be sure to
consider Change Theories as you look at the process of organizational change. �What role should the

multidisciplinary team play and why?
use college grammar

Capstone project care teams

Capstone project care teams 2

Change is necessary for the development of an organization and usually involves the
embracing and adoption of different ideas. Although change is inevitable, there are usually
obstacles to it and some of the obstacles are as follows;
Resistance to change by people within organizations as shown by the fact that most
people would rather accept working in an organization that is stable rather than in an
organization that is constantly under changes even if they are getting a lower pay. The main
reason why people are usually resistant to change is because of the belief that change could make
their life worse. Others are resistant to change because of personal reasons such as biasness
towards the person initiating the change and such could be politically motivated. This resistance
can be addressed by using the Kaluzny & Hernandez (1998) model of stage theory of change.
According to this model, an organization should begin by creating awareness by defining what
the change is all about and this will help the members of an organization to critically analyze it
before criticizing and resisting the change. (John, 2014, pg 51)
Flawed communications strategies within organizations provide a barrier to change. An
organization requires effective communications strategies between the employees and
employers. This will help the employees understand and appreciate the change that is to be
initiated. Lack of these strategies in organizations is what makes people become resistant to
change since they are not fully informed and have numerous misconceptions concerning this
change. The leaders of organizations should strive at creating an environment that will facilitate
effective communication and this is to be achieved through adopting a social and interactive
character. This can also be addressed using the Kaluzny & Hernandez (1998) model which
provides a forum for effective communication in the awareness stage. (John, 2014, pg 51)

Capstone project care teams 3
Inadequate culture-shift planning is also another barrier. This is the failure to adequately
plan for resultant cultural change that follows after the process of organizational change. When
planning for an organizational change, the planning team might become too narrowly focused
on objective analysis and critical thinking and they might end up forgetting that this change will
affect the people resulting into the overlooking of the employees’ feelings. The result will be a
feeling of resentment from the employees since they will be of the idea that some traditions have
not been duly respected. (Taborda, 2011, pg 59)
Lack of integration and involvement of all members of an organization provides a barrier
to change. The organizational development theory of change states that for change to occur in an
organization there should be the incorporation of everyone’s ideas and opinions. Everybody in
the organization should also be ready to adopt and implement the strategies put forward so as to
initiate this change. The Beyer & Trice (1978) model of stage theory of change states that before
the initiating of a change plan, the plan and all possible responses should be critically evaluated.
This cohesiveness should cut across all employees regardless of their status or position in the
organization for the effectiveness of the changing process.
Complexity of changes also makes it difficult for organizations to implement changes.
The more the complex a change is, the harder it becomes for an organization to embrace and
implement it. It will usually require diligence, unlimited knowledge and quality skills for an
organization to implement such a complex change and in many cases organizations lack these
fundamental qualities making it hard to accomplish the desired change. According to the inter-
organizational relations theory of change, organizations should create networks that will enable
the exchanging of ideas which will help in the addressing of complex changes. (Taborda, 2011,
pg 64)

Capstone project care teams 4
For the process of organizational change to be effective, the multidisciplinary team
should play a role in ensuring that the members from all disciplines work together in striving for
the change. This is so because for change to occur and be effective, input from each and
everyone in an organization is required. (Reib, 2012, pg 105).

Capstone project care teams 5


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