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Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

Team Leader Response

Last year Target pulled out of Canada completely. This was a surprise to say the least. Target is a US
based company. When it would sell something in Canada the company would have to eventually change
those Canadian dollars into US dollars. See actual news link herein

Target pulling out of Canada

The people who work at these major corporations are not stupid they had to project what was getting
ready to happen. Recently it has been reported:

Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

So how would an entity be able mitigate its risk with an accounting system?

Leadership involves the skill that enables one to approach risk that faces an organization
in a manner that the risks at hand can be evaded consequently. A leader should be able to
identify risks, assess them adequately, and develop algorithms that can counter the risks and
hence remaining relevant in the market. Financial institutions and their accounting departments
are always focused on the ever growing risks in the accounting field. Hence proper strategies and
techniques should be implemented and therefore in the case of any risks they may be properly
countered (Sundheim, 2013).
Shareholders in a financial institution together with their account holders are always in
the urge and the run to avoid the tax criminals that are ever growing. They differ since they are
from the voluntary disclosures by the shareholders to the fines incurred. It also involves the back
payment of tax. Securing one’s beneficial ownership in an organization is important in criminal
tax avoidance and also committing other accounting crimes (Léautier, 2014).
It is the interest of every business to thrive in their field. Team leaders should always
provide direction to a company to realize their full potential in attaining their goals. Changes to
the rules and recommendations ensure transparency in an organization’s operations. These

include the responses made by a team leader in ensuring that the right path is taken when any
decision is made in any organization.
Upon conclusion, team leader responses should always be sound in making their
decisions pertaining their organizations and also taking the right steps in drawing of an
organization’s conclusion.


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