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Business Process Performance

Business Process Performance

 To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached

Read the case study in the attached files then answer the following questions:


1.Comment on how process performance at D2D was reviewed and improved?

2.Could this approach be applied to process management in your company or another you know well?

3.Explain with examples.

Question 1
Review and improvement of process performance at D2D
According to Processorientation.com (2009, p33), a prerequisite for transforming any business is
mainly based on understanding the business processes which are carried out within the
organization and how the processes relate to each other. Therefore a process oriented enterprise
creates and documents all its business processes prior to process performance management.
This definition agrees with the approach taken by D2D so as to reform its business performance.
The management of D2D implemented reforms through identification of the main processes that
are essential in the normal functioning of the organization. The management implemented the
reforms through systematic identification of the key processes each year and aligning them to the
company’s aspirations. According to Simmsoms et al.(2012, p 234),business performance
management is a move to enhance business operations in terms of optimization of its process so
as to increase and contribute to the business value and operation.
D2D has effectively carried out implementation of business performance management by
identifying the key processes of the company based on the following guidelines


 realizing the importance of the company policy and strategy
 realizing the importance of the company’s objectives
 identifying those areas which require huge amounts of the company’s resources
Previous researches on academic and professional journals have studied about BPM and made
tremendous contributions pertaining this subject (Van der Aalst et al. 2003 p34, Weske et al.
2004 p35, Karagiannis, 1995 p67, Ravesteyn & Versendaal, 2007 p123). According to these
scholars, business ought to initiate projects and provide enough support which can ensure that
the whole initiative is successful so as to benefit the organization.
D2D Company has effectively adhered to this rule through focusing on the customer
requirements. The managers are provided with enough resources to ensure that they achieve the
business objectives. The main business process of this company is dedicated to the senior
management. The manufacturing process of the company is reviewed annually so as to ensure
that the customers are receiving value.
D2D has realized effective implementation of BPM implementation through formulation of
specific guidelines. The company has initiated and promoted teamwork. The managers are more
dedicated to their work thus they dedicate more resources and their energy to various teams of
the company.
Challenges in the implementation of BPM
According to Wan and Wang (2010), despite the fact that BPM are very beneficial in terms of
organization growth, their implementation is sometimes a very big challenge. The
implementation process is time consuming and very expensive. D2D had to reform its process
from the traditional way of doing business to a more proactive process. The biggest challenge

however is the gap between modeling and the implementation process. This is simply because
the business map always has the history of the business enterprise.
Question 2
How the business performance management process can be implemented in another
The biggest drinking water company in the Netherlands reforms began in 2008. The business
main goals were to reform it into a modern company that captures the aspirations of all the
clients. Therefore, the management of this drinking water company developed business process
management program that could transform the business from traditional department based
institution to a more advanced modern company. This was to enhance efficiency in terms of
service delivery (Smart, Maddern and Maull, 2009, p. 45 ).
Senior management project was geared towards implementation of the business process
management system which was aimed at providing services to its clients. The main aim of the
system was to carry out the registration of the clients. The project was so efficient hence changed
the operation of the company in terms of efficiency and profitability. The system describes
analyses and automates the activities of Vitens Company. The main aim of the whole process
was to ensure that there was maximum delivery of all the process of the company and assist in
setting up a process-oriented company. According to Simmons et al.(2012,p 23), traditional
BPM projects are too sophisticated and also require skills and a lot of development in their
implementation and also flexibility in terms of response to changes.

In the current society, businesses not only require improving on their performance than ever
before but also ought to do it efficiently and faster. The whole process has to be cheap in terms
of costs to realize good returns. Furthermore, to ensure that a company remains competitive over
time and also to compete globally, companies have to continuously implement BPM in terms of
strategies and technology.


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