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Business Communication Sales Letter

Business Communication Sales Letter

Managing Director


Coca-cola Company
Dear Client
Despite advancement in information technology, survey show that companies lose billions of
dollars in online advertisements. Some of these companies close down because of huge losses
resulting from huge expenditure on advertisements. I wonder how comfortable they are out of
business or making losses.
Utilization of traditional forms of advertisements requires both financial and human labor. This
form of advertisement therefore requires huge investments instead of helping companies
generate profits.
Resistance to accept and adopt new technology caused tremendous losses in a company in our
state last year. I am here to ensure that you are not part of next year’s statistics.
Every company needs to make profits and reduce on expenses. Change is gradual. It is adopted
progressively until it becomes a norm. A rival soft drink company lost over 2 billion dollars as a
result of traditional marketing strategies. The online application technology am introducing is
cheaper and will save you more than 10 billion dollars annually. A soft drink company in my
state is currently using the application and has doubled its annual turnover.
Continue using this old technology for your online advertisements and you will collapse the
company due to losses. Consider yourself being nominated the best Company in the region if
you adopt this new application.


I have organized a company tour after tea break. Everyone is invited to come with us. Your
opinion will really help us identify areas that need immediate improvement. If you will be unable
to attend this morning, I have left some pamphlets and business cards. Feel free to call me with
inquiries, concerns, and contributions (Livingston, 2010.23).
Best regards
Software Developers


Livingston, R. (2010). Advanced public speaking: Dynamics and techniques. Bloomington, IN:
Xlibris Corp

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