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Business communication

business communication but the class is nursing
Acting as supervisor for a company of your choice, draft two examples of formal company e-mails to

The first email will be good-news message delivering information that your employees will likely view as
The second email will be a bad-news email delivering information that your employees will likely view as
Each email will be approximately two-three concise, professionally-written paragraphs in an appropriate
tone. Post both emails in the same document.

Bad Email
Dear employees,
Our company’s turnover rate for the last financial year is reported to be unexpectedly low.
Consequently, the company is experiencing financial downside and this call for a contingency
plan to reduce the operation costs. For this reason, the management has agreed to reduce the
number of employees.
We have strived to the best of our abilities to avoid this approach but there is no other alternative
to stabilize the financial crisis. We regret to inform you that we have to terminate some positions
held by new employees, interns and freshers.
We are sincerely grateful for your diligence and commitment towards achieving the company
goal. We assure you that this move is only a temporary measure and when the situation
stabilizes, we may consider hiring you back. The company will give you some bonus as a
measure of our gratitude.
Yours Sincerely,
Good Email
Dear employees,
Kindly accept our warmest gratitude for your hard work and marvelous contributions to the
organization. We value the much time and energy dedicated towards achieving the organization

goals and mission. It is a great pleasure to know that we can always account on you as we strive
to climb even higher.
The company management was delighted to learn that our company was voted among the best
performing company in the world. We understand that this was not easy, and that it is your
willingness strives above and beyond.
For this reason, the management has decided that every employee shall have a pay raise of 13%
of their current salary. The employees will also have increase in major allowances including
house allowance, medical allowance and transport.
Yours Sincerely,

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