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Brand business strategy

Brand Positioning Approach

I believe that brand positioning is critical to the success of any business. Besides,
every business must position very well its brand in the mind of consumers or customers.
Therefore, in many cases brand position is anchored on the organizational positioning strategy,
brand positioning or brand strategy statement. The new business brand by Auganic salads
Company targets to provide fast serving healthier food alternative for office workers, which are
health conscious. I believe we can make the company the best selling positioning by the battle of
mind through identifying and making an attempt to lead a marketing niche in the CBD
workforce. Furthermore, the company will own marketing niche for the brand, service or
products by adopting a competitive strategy, which will include valuable ideals such as
promotions, pricing, competition, packaging, and distribution. The main company goal is to
create a unique customer impression in their mind to make sure the customers associate
something desirable and specific with our brand that is distinct from the two competitors of
Sumo Salad and Laneway Greens in Melbourne.

The three companies are placing a focus on the brand positioning strategy, and
this makes us very strategically innovative to create a competitive advantage over the other
competitors as a marketing strategy. My speech focuses on the brand positioning strategy we will

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 3

adopt about brand positioning strategies used by the two competitors. I believe that the
application of brand positioning strategy must be above average with high-quality positioning
and provide solution positioning to the customers. In most cases, companies providing fast food
services fail to prioritize rivalry-based strategy as well as the benefit-driven positioning
approaches of brand positioning. I think that if Auganic salads Company is to achieve
competitive advantage through brand positioning strategy, customer clientele and loyalty will be
essential. Market mix and price play essential roles in establishing a competitive advantage, but
the customer in the hotel industry is in most cases price insensitive. Therefore, it will be the role
of the company management to focus on the 3Cs and chose the best brand positioning that will
achieve competitive advantage (Tomczak, Reinecke and Kuss 2018, p.10).

I think that one of the most important aspects of brand positioning in fast food
products is how similar or different the brand is perceived to be in relation or comparison to
competitors’ brands in the product category. Subsequently, brand positioning strategy influences
the buying decisions in aspects that consumers feel the brand is real, unique and meets their
needs. Brand positioning is important and relevant to company marketing strategy. If you take,
for instance, Google, Apple, and Windows are the leading brand positioning companies globally
due to their brands. I, therefore, believe that our brand positioning strategy has a specific market
for the brand and the product it offers. Also, our brand positioning targets the CBD workforce to
deliver fast food products that will meet their needs. Most importantly, our brand positioning
targets the 3Cs, but I will focus on the competitors’ brand positioning to create a niche for our
company (Appau 2018). I think it is profitable because as a company it is important to distance
the brand of the company from our competitors. The company will critically evaluate

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 4

competitors brand positioning strategies regarding price, product attributes, quality, usage
occasions and distribution.

In the modern marketing, to avoid succumbing to ‘marketing myopia’ and have
long-term survival benefits, companies, especially in the hotel industry, must assess their
offerings and manage their businesses in comparison to their competitors (Cuellar-Healey and
MA 2013, p.3). As a fast food company, Auganic salads will attempt to modify tangible features
and intangible perceptions of a unique marketable product about competition.

Focusing on the competitive advantage, Auganic salads Company will develop an
attribute or combination of attributes that will enable it to outperform the company competitors.
The competitors, profiling of providing unhealthy foods gives us a more brand strategic agility.
The company will exploit the opportunities of competitors’ strategic weaknesses to provide
freshly prepared healthy foods to office workers, availing healthier food options and helping
consumers who are willing to eat more healthily. I think it will be imperative to understand our
competitors and implement an offensive strategy to exploit the current opportunity and capitalize
on our brand strengths. The marketing department will ensure that defensive strategies are
employed more effectively to counter the possible threat of competing companies who may bend
to exploit our company’s weaknesses. I believe that it will be important to develop a systematic
and advanced rival profiling to significantly ensure competitive advantage (West, Ford and
Ibrahim 2015, p.12).

Also, the company will ensure its brand personality communicates the brand
performance, imagery, and consumers at large. Therefore, the essential brand personality will be
the provision of freshly prepared healthier foods through competence and sincerity to customers.

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 5

Besides the use of product-related brand positioning such as product attributes and performance,
the company will also target the non-product related strategies such as customer emotions
(Fleisher and Bensoussan 2015, p.7).

The main competitor Sumo Salad has strong brand salience due to their creativity
in marketing approaches. However, the company struggles with customer communication, and
the imagery has a cluster of information about company image leading to wrong social and
psychological impressions in their consumers’ minds. In my understanding, this will be a great
deal to take strategic advantage over Sumo Salad. Therefore, our company should set a strong
background that encompasses things such as online presences and organization structure of
communication that will pass clear information to consumers to make purchasing decisions.
Also, the company should focus on product research and development to establish the needs of
the consumers and develop new products rates. This will enhance the brand strengths and
company portfolio. The competitor seems to have reduced communication and customer
clientele, and our company critically focuses on establishing brand loyalty, brand awareness and
quality control which will serve the market segment, enhance market shares and customer base
(Appau 2018). I think establishing distribution channels for our fast food services will create a
market niche, which can as well adopt the outside catering to our esteemed customers.
Given that Sumo Salad has very little resonance due to management customer
relationship; our company will focus on the establishing brand that will meet customer
expectations and with internal motivation to attain levels of customer service. I think our brand
should generate a deep and intense psychological connection with consumers through a mix of
values, personalities, and characteristics stemming from the company and its products.

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 6

Therefore, I propose that our brand positioning should bring all these factors together to create
super engagement required between company’s customers and products to achieve competitive
advantage regarding resonance.

Laneway Greens seems to have an attractive brand positioning and the main
competitor for Auganic Salads. The management of Laneway Greens is quite aware of customer
needs and preference and positioned them to offer healthier foods. However, the complexity of
their menu with a wide variety of ingredients to select provides us with the opportunity to adopt
a more straightforward and easier menu for customers to navigate through. With simpler and
easier menu, sales will increases dramatically as customers and easily notice their preferred meal
hence less time-consuming.

I propose that Auganic Salads should adopt a method of promotional strategies
around the office of the workers through discounted meals or sets of office workers. This is a
profitable strategy, which our two main competitors have not yet adopted. I believe this will
effectively work in our favor as we attract more workforces to enjoy our healthier food services.
The three competitors or companies enjoy points of parity (PoP) attributes in their
brands positioning. These points of parity can be identified through the competition category,
competitive and correlation. The companies are sharing same industry of producing fast food for
office workers, share same market segment, same marketing strategy, targets provision of
healthier food for customers and provision of food salads at competitive prices. However, the
companies’ brands positioning have points of difference (PoD), which make each company a
unique brand. Auganic Salads plans to provide freshly prepared healthy meals to office workers,
proving accessibility of healthier food to individuals who are aware of negative consequences of

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 7

unhealthy foods and providing a guide to customers who are willing to ear more healthily. This
makes the Auganic Salads unique to the companies as well as altering its name to suit customer
likes. Sumo Salads is unique in that the company has a strong brand salience through creative
marketing strategies as well as having a mixed judgment from its customers regarding
credibility, quality, and superiority of its products. Laneway Greens has a point of difference in
that it provides freshest ingredients, support to community and connection of people from all
walks of life by offering food.

In conclusion, brand positioning is crucial for firms to consider when entering a
new market. The analysis of existing competitors provides new entrants with marketing niche
that they can adapt to create competitive advantage. I, therefore, recommend Auganic Salads to
adopt the promotional strategy around office workers through discounted meals, outside catering
for all sets of office workers since both competitors are yet to identify this opportunity. This will
work in the company favor as we aim at providing an attracting more office workers to eat and
enjoy freshly prepared healthier foods at out esteemed company brand.

Running Head: Brand Positioning Approach 8


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