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Authentic Leadership

For this essay (entry) it is required to maintain a weekly journal, documenting important aspects of
leadership they encounter over the duration of the module. Entries into the journal may include
examples of leadership personally witnessed or insights gained through readings or class


1)I want 2 entries each one is around 100 words, and each entry is in separate word document.

2)Entries should be placed in a journal.

3)Entries should be based on your learning experience after reading the attached files.
4)You are free to follow your own format as long as it is logically structured.

Journal Entry

Journal Entry 1: Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership
A key aspect of leadership that I encountered over the duration of the module was authentic
leadership. I learned what authentic leadership means and what it encompasses. Authentic leadership
entails realizing that one’s followers have great potential and that by allowing them to exploit this
potential, they can be more productive and self-independent (Mital & Dorfman 2012). Leaders who
exemplify authentic leadership give emphasis to strong self-knowledge, high levels of integrity, as
well as a profound understanding of mission or purpose. I also got to learn about some people in the
aviation industry who exhibit or have exhibited authentic leadership. These are Sunil Joshua, the
Commercial Training Manager at Etihad Airways who empowered his trainers to a level where they
did not depend on him to run their daily routines, and Paul Asquith of British Airways who
formulated a duty segregation approach aimed at encouraging participation of employees in decision


Journal Entry 2: Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership
I have also learned about what servant leadership is all about and what a person who demonstrates
this leadership approach should exemplify. Servant leadership models, as Mittal and Dorfman (2012)
pointed out, are anchored in the human drive of a person to bond with other people and contribute to
the society’s betterment. Servant leadership accentuates service motivation as exhibited by
empowering and developing individuals with humility and empathy, and this emphasis distinguishes
this leadership framework from others (Mittal & Dorfman 2012). Servant leaders are also listening. I
learned that the servant leadership framework can bring about significant benefits to the way the
business is developed and operated and can positively affect the company’s bottom line. A leader
who exemplifies servant leadership may actually privilege the relationship between the follower and
the leader although this leadership framework focuses less on attaining wider change goals.


Mital, R., & Dorfman, PW 2012, Servant Leadership across Cultures. Journal of World Business,
47(4): 555–570.

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