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Australia Society (History)

only need 200 words

type of document = Summary of lecture note and 3 readings

Requirements & marking guide for this summary:

This task is designed to assist you to keep up with the weekly programme; listening to the lectures
reading the material provided. The focus is on developing effective reading and note-taking skills.
These weekly entries will help provide you with a solid basis for addressing the other assessment

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
� Be familiar with key sociological concepts as they are applied to the study of Australian society.
� Have developed an understanding of a range of theoretical perspectives on social life from the
19th century to the present.
� Have developed a broad understanding of how the �sociological imagination� can be used in
thinking about social issues and trends.
� Have developed a broad understanding of research techniques, materials social science
� Be able to read, summarise and apply essential sociological ideas to the study of contemporary
� Have developed a rich understanding of contemporary Australian life.
� Written and verbal expression allowing the synthesis and clear explanation of complex idea


Australia Society (History)==

Australia Society (History)

The world we live in has become so different from that of our parents. Conflicts,
social divisions, global warming, lawlessness and tensions have risen since the nineteenth
century. Sociological imagination forms the basis of understanding the who human beings
are, the purpose of life and provides answers to several questions in life such as about the
origin of the world and the direction the change observed will take in the future. Most of
theories in sociology are explaining the sources of our behaviour that has been passed down
from generation to generation. As a result on modern technology, new research techniques
have been used to disapprove some the theories such as introduction of internet.

Essential sociological ideas studied in this weekly program sociological imagination,
and sociological perspective of public health problems such as suicide. The factors influence
criminal justice system not only in Australia. Suicide attempts and deaths resulting from
suicide in Australia show that social values and ideas have been eroded in this continent.
This continent must be having high degree rates of regulation, oppression and isolation since
these are the primary causes of a rise in suicide attempts in this Australian society,
endangering future generation.


Hassan, R. (1996). Social factors in suicide in Australia. Canberra: Australian Institute of
Mills, C. (1959). The sociological imagination. New York: Oxford University Press.
Giddens, A., & Birdsall, K. (2001). Sociology (4th ed.). Cambridge [England: Polity Press.

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