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Apple manufactures slowed down iPhones

Apple manufactures slowed down iPhones

Research a case where a large company was held liable for an item that was defective. How did the
company handle the issue? Was there a class action suit, if so, please give the details. A recent
situation is regarding the lower emissions ‘green’ diesel automobiles produced by Volkswagen


Apple manufactures slowed down iPhones

as their batteries age.

In December 2017, Apple reported that it had slowed down iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S
Plus, and SE. This happened via updating of the software. Apple is a technology company
that creates, improves and markets electronic devices, software and internet services. Their
products comprise of iPhone mobile phone, iPod compact media player, Mac computer, iPad
tablet, and other devices while their software consists of macOS, iOS, iTunes and also Safari.
Apple articulated that the update levelled rapid peaks in instances where it was necessary.
This was aimed to avoid the phone from powering off without prior notice. However, the
admittance of faulty devices took place only after users had examined the devices. As
reported by The Verge (2017), the company apologized intensively for slowing down the
iPhones through a printed letter to its consumers. Reparation for worsening batteries was
recorded as the core reason for the slowing down.
After that Apple presented any person in possession of an iPhone 6 or a subsequent
version a new battery for $29.This price is a $50 reduction from the regular fee of battery
substitution and was to last for a year; late January to December 2018. Also, some aspects
would be inserted into their software that will make available facts about the condition of the
battery to inform customers about the point in which those batteries are not able to maintain
full operation. A class action suit held against Apple alleging that Apple neglected to reveal
the defective design of the devices failed to be certified by a federal court judge District
Judge Lucy H. Koh. The judge ruled that the plaintiffs did not meet the prerequisites to be
confirmed as a class.



The Verge (2017). Apple faces multiple lawsuits after admitting to slowing down iPhones as
their batteries age.

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