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Appealing Admission Letter

Appealing Admission Letter

Dear Sir/Madam
It is my pleasure to apply for major of Physical therapy for the second time at Loma
Linda University. I believe that the institution has the resources and the capabilities to enable me
achieve my goals. The first time I applied, I was still studying at Acupuncture school and was


about to graduate. At the time, I was also working full time in Physical therapy clinic. I have
now graduated from the school. The graduation was held in June this year.
The motivation to apply for Physical therapy is my desire to acquire advanced skills and
knowledge to impact positively to the society. I also noticed that, the medical course I studied in
Acupuncture school was not enough to enable me render quality services to patients. The
opportunity therefore, will help me have confidence in myself as I provide care to different
patients. Furthermore, my own experience at a health facility has motivated me to seek for more
skills and knowledge in this field. When I was admitted in a heath care after experiencing
shoulder and neck pain, the services I received satisfactory service. The care was awesome and I
feel motivated and encouraged to pursue my studies and help many other people. These are some
of the reasons and motivation for my quest to be part of Loma Linda University.
Currently, I am working under physical therapist who graduated from Loma Linda. This
working relationship has enabled me to learn many aspects concerning Loma Linda University. I
am a believer, worshiping at an Adventist church and I take issues of faith seriously. The
university as well is built on strong religious faith that matches well with my spiritual belief.
Therefore, I am eager to pursue my studies in an institution that respects people religious beliefs
hence , will continue to strengthen my religion beliefs.
I am also taking 18 units in California State University, Domingoez Hill and 5 units in
Los Angeles Community College which are one of the prerequisites for Loma Linda University.
I work 20 hours a week in Physical Therapy clinic. In addition, every Saturday, I attend worship
in Olympic Seventh-day Adventist Church and do 2 hours volunteer work for serving a food and
cleaning the church. I am doing my best to get good results that will get me an admission to
Loma Linda University.


In this winter, I plan to participate in Glendale Memorial hospital as in-patient hospital
for volunteering. Moreover, in spring semester in 2016, I would finish a course which is upper
division of humanity class.
In the future, I would like to help and cure patients during my whole life. In addition, I
am willing to help people who cannot get proper treatment in many countries. Now, I feel great
about helping patients in the clinic and I would like to devote to helping patients throughout my
Getting an opportunity to pursue the major at the University will be received with joy and
gratitude. I believe that I have an obligation to help the society to achieve quality health. The
university has adequate resources and has conducive working environment that will shape me to
the person I wish to be (Carr, Pastor & Levesque, 2015).


Carr, M., Pastor, D., & Levesque, P. (2015). Learning to lead: Higher education faculty explore
self-mentoring. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring. 13(2):


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