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Analysis of the David-Bathsheba story.

Journals and Character Charts

Topic: Analysis of the David-Bathsheba story.

write a 1400 word paper. You must follow current Turabian format and present a analysis and discussion
of the chosen topic. A minimum of 7 scholarly sources must be used when writing this paper. Biblical
evidence and explanation of key biblical texts is essential. Sources that are cited, referenced, and/or
quoted must be footnoted, and the paper must be your original work. In light of the length of this paper,
avoid lengthy quotations and make sure that the paper stays on topic. Use headings to mark off the major

sections of your paper. A bibliography of sources used must be included.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Journals and Character Charts 2


  1. My first impression after reading the novel mainly on Hassan was on how the author
    described him. His perfect round face that is described to resemble a China doll. His face
    has a flattened nose and eyes that were narrow and slanting his eyes were of varying
    colors from sapphire, to gold or even green. He is described by the author to have a
    pointed chin. Hassan is said never to deny Amir anything he desired. The author paints a
    picture of a man who would go to the edge in order to assist a partner or friend.
  2. Hosseini uses a hyperbole in his descriptions of Baba. He tells of how the character
    wrestled a bear with no weapon but his bare hands. The story portrays baba as a strong
    individual. To drive the point home, the author indicates that had this story been of
    someone else the people would have dismissed it as untrue. The character is depicted in
    the novel to hold a lot of power and respect of all people. Everyone believes what he or
    she hears from him. The author further depicts him as a “Hurricane” who would uproot a
    willow tree or even kill the devil by his glare alone.
  3. The author shows greed in Amir who wants Baba all for himself. He avoids all cases of
    Hassan being present fearing he can impress Baba and snatch him away from him. As a
    reader, I understand that Amir is like an unwanted child who works exceedingly hard to
    please his father. To Baba, the only unlawful thing is theft and therefore what Amir has
    been learning in school is not helpful. He wishes to see Amir as businessperson or a
    wealthy man in the future.

Character Chart

Amir – the main character and narrator
Baba – Amir’s father, wealthy Afghani
Rahim Khan – Baba’s best friend and business partner Amir’s uncle
Hassan – Amir’s best friend and servant
Ali – Hassan’s father

Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews


  1. The term “Mennonite” to modern people, has differing meanings. However, according to
    the author, the area that provides the novels background is in Russia. It focuses on people
    from Mennonites in Manitoba. My understanding is that the author tries to paint a picture
    of a society that will give the readers a point to think about as they read her work.
  2. Naomi Nickel is portrayed as a protagonist in the novel. My attention was drawn by her
    curiosity and defiance. She gives me the idea of normal sixteen years old who is very

Journals and Character Charts 3
inquisitive. Her nature is similar to other teenagers who often find themselves in conflict
with the society they live in. she later learns that her sister ran away with her boyfriend
which further drives her curiosity.

  1. The novel also gives me the picture of a family living in a village, where everyone is
    expected to do as those in authority tell them. Naomi becomes a victim of these beliefs
    where she has to conform or live in opposition with the society and her family. Her
    nature makes her a target of confrontations between hospital staff, her teacher Mr.
    Quiring and her father. Eventually her father gives her the freedom to do as the desires.
    The life of Naomi makes readers think of the sacrifices parents have to make. It also
    depicts what teenagers go through and the life lessons of their endeavors.

Character Chart
Naomi nickel also Nomi – main character and a protagonist
Raymond Nickel also ray – Naomi’s father who is reserved. Caught in conflict between family
and society
Natasha nickel also Tash – Naomi’s older sister,
Travis – Naomi’s broadminded boyfriend
Hans Rosenfeldt – Naomi’s uncle, poster conservationist
Lydia Voth – Naomi’s friend from a conservative family


Journals and Character Charts 4
Hosseini, K. (2009). The kite runner.Review. London: Bloomsbury.
Toews, M. (2014). A complicated kindness.

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