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Aligning Assessments to Standards

Aligning Assessments to Standards

Review the information on your state�s Department of Education website regarding state
curriculum standards. ( My state is Florida)
Select one content standard objective from curriculum standards.
Develop an assessment plan that addresses a strand, concept, and performance objectives to align with
the state curriculum standard. Ensure that your plan relates directly to the standard


Aligning Assessments to Standards

Florida like any other states has established curriculum standards for as an initiative to
promote learning. The standards of learning are expected to remain high to ensure that learners
gain knowledge at every level of their learning (Florida Department of Education, 2015).
One of the Florida curriculum standards is the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten
education Standards that comprehensively covers on maths concepts as well as applications
Florida Department of Education, 2015).
This assessment plan focuses on mathematical thinking for PK
The assessment is on number sense
The concepts the child is assessed to determine his/her proficiency in number sense may

  1. To demonstrate understanding of one to one correspondence
    The child is required to demonstrate one to one correspondence through counting
    The child counts dots up to four
    The child cunts objects up to four
    The child counts shapes up to four
    The child counts up to six
    The child counts objects up to six
    The child counts shapes up to six
    He child counts dots up to ten
    The child counts objects up to ten


The child counts shapes up to ten

  1. On one on one correspondence the child should determine whether two sets are equal
    Determines whether they are same determines whether they are different and lastly
    determines those that are same and different
  2. The child should show understanding of how to construct sets and to count
    The child need to count sets in a range of five to ten objects
    The child counts shapes up to 5
    The child counts dots up to five
    The child counts objects up to five

The child should now make sets in range of five to ten

This assessment plan will help to determine whether the child understands concepts in
mathematics specifically on number sensing. The performance of the child is then assessed based
on the states proficiency state standards.



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