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Algebraic thinking journal article analysis

Algebraic thinking journal article analysis

Write 2-3 pages (not including a required title page and reference page) that include:

  1. A summary of the article, the concept(s) it addresses, and an outline of the key points
  2. An analysis comparing the key points in the article to the information you have explored this week
  3. A personal reflection that addresses your final thoughts on the article as they relate to what you

have explored this week.


Algebra takes a central role in the education sector as poor performance in the subject
hampers the student progression in mathematics. Poor performance in mathematics has a
ripple effect in the advancement of the country in science and technology. The country is
lagging behind in these sectors when compared to countries like Russia, China, and India.
The article does focus on an investigation that was conducted in by two principals in three
California high schools, which are Los Angeles High School, South High School, and North
high school, which have recorded tremendous improvements in algebra (Roberts and Flores,
The research concentrated on three concepts, which are the components of algebra
and reforms done to improve its achievement, the leadership structure centered on improving
performance in mathematics, and effective elements of the math program in an urban school.
The main aspect that stands out in all the three schools is that they have given algebra
performance a lot of focus in the schools. The schools have different programs that are geared
towards ensuring that the students comprehend the basic concepts of algebra as they advance
through the levels (Roberts and Flores, 2009).
Besides, the leadership structure is that of collaboration and dedication where the
teachers come together to work towards identifying challenges in the students concerning
algebra. The teachers then come up with different programs that will help the students
improve in not only algebra but also mathematics as a whole (Roberts and Flores, 2009).
Teacher student involvement is pertinent in algebra comprehension. Students have
different levels of comprehension when it comes to the subject; therefore, active involvement
of the teachers will aid in improving their performance in the subject as a whole (McKellar,
2009). This has been exhibited in the case study Los Angeles High School has the
foundational math skill that is geared to developing the CAHSEE skill. The South High


school has the data queen hat does prepare data for the teachers to use in assessing the
students. Lastly, at North High School they had the recovery and accelerated math program
that is centered on improving their student’s algebra skills (Roberts and Flores, 2009).
Generalization of concepts does make it easier for the students to perform effectively
in algebra (Van de Walle et al., 2013). In the evaluation of the schools, the teachers
concentrated on various forms of assessments to aid the students to perform effectively in the
subject. The teachers carried out tests and private tutoring to build upon the concepts that the
students had learned in the previous classes. The aim of this was to ensure that the students
were able to correlate the concepts, hence making it easier for them to comprehend the
concepts of algebra (Roberts and Flores, 2009).
To ensure that the students improve in the math subject, the teachers are moving from
relying immensely on the textbooks. The schools assessed in the case analysis concentrate
more on the common concepts that the students are tested on in the various assessments
conducted in the country. The concentration on the common concepts provides the students
with a foundation to build upon as they progress through the various levels (Van de Walle et
al., 2013).
From a personal perspective, the article enforces the fact that understanding algebra is
important if one needs to progress in the technology and science fields. The active
involvement of the teachers and students provides a healthy environment that will aid in
comprehension of the topic. Moreover, a generalization of various concepts is pertinent to
understanding not only algebra but also mathematics. Assessments also are important as they
not only show ones’ progress but also identify weaknesses in the subject that the teachers can
work on to help the students perform well in the subject.


In conclusion, the article does provide various ways that the concept of algebra can be
addressed to ensure that students perform well in the math subject. The article does propose
that schools do not need to carry out a restructuring of their school system, but they need to
concentrate on leadership and collaboration among the teachers to improve the
comprehension of algebra.


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