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Admission Letter

Admission Letter

Back in Feb 2, 2008, my girlfriend and I got involved in a small mishap as we went
shopping in Wal-Mart. I accidentally hit another cart belonging to some guys of African
American origin. I apologized immediately to them but they would hear none of it and instead,
they became very aggressive and abusive to us. This made me very agitated and could not help
but hit back at them causing such a scene at the mall. The manager and the security had to
intervene to calm down the situation. After shopping, we paid for everything we had collected at

the mall but just about the time we were leaving the mall, the security alarm at the mall’s
entrance sounded and the security had to search our pockets. Surprisingly, the security guy found
a watch of $40 value in my jacket pocket. I tried in vain explaining to them that the guys we had
argued with before must have put the watch in my pocket to get even with me. What these guys
did to me made me so perplexed and bitter and I resolved to seek some legal advice from a
lawyer. The lawyer was, however, cynical of the magnitude of the case and suggested that I
should stop pursuing it since it was not that serious and it would eventually cost me for no
The situation was such a big distress to me and for a long time I could not get rid of the
idea of being labeled a criminal. Much later, I decided to change my negative perception of the
world around me and got engaged in community service in our church. I also started attending
worship where I got a chance to interact with other youths. This new experience in my life
helped me get rid of the much hatred that was for a long time in my heart. After forgiving the
guys who got me into trouble my life changed for good and brought new joy in my heart.
The case was later dismissed and closed on Feb 24, 2009 and declared a low-level
offense. The record of the case has, however, remained although I am hoping to acquire
approvement to have the case expunged. Nevertheless, I accept the record because it resulted
from my careless behavior in the past and whether or not it was my fault is not what is important,
rather the new experience and lessons of life I have learnt through the case.

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