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A professional development plan

Capstone Project

Capstone Project�
Professional Development Plan�
Write a Professional Development Plan: You will want to refine your three year professional development
plan based on insight from your new knowledge and your colleagues. Include the following areas:�

  1. career goals�
  2. involvement in professional organizations, and�
  3. continuing education �(formal & informal).

Capstone Project

A professional development plan assists an employee in defining their career goals,
educational goals, and objectives. It enables the employee to determine how far in his/her career
he wants be in a certain period of time. Also, it enables him/her to have a direction in his /her
career. For an employee to know develop a professional development plan one can decide to ask
his/her fellow employee to asses them. After being assessed by a fellow employee then he can
develop his own assessment. Then he/she can assess what the department and organization
needs. Finally, he should record his progress after developing his professional development plan
(Alsop, & Alsop, 2013).
Career goals
It is very important for every employee to set career goals. This is because they enable him/her
how far he is with his career and know what to do incase he/she finds out that there is no career
progress (Duke. 2015).
 To increase my knowledge and skills in my profession by reading new journals
concerning my field, interacting with other professionals in my field to know what is new
so as to enable me grow as a professional.
 To ask for a salary increase. Or look for a better job which will pay me a salary worth my
job description.
 To try and find a job which I feel satisfied in terms of salary, working
environment/condition rewards etc.
 To work in a stable company so that I don’t feel threatened about losing my job.
 To work in an environment which promotes team work.

 So that I can keep up with the competitive job environment I will join professional bodies
in my field, go for as many workshops as possible so as to keep myself updated with
everything that is happening in my field.
 Also I will do most of my professional courses and join university for my post graduate
degree program.
Professional development plan is very important because it enables one to be able to have a
career direction.



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Strategies for lifelong learning. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.
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